adidas Drops Wooden Adilette

I have a love-hate relationship with slides and people who wear them. The whole ‘trend’ originated from our foreign (I’m Cypriot) parents, who don’t have a clue, wearing them around the house, with their socks.

I can’t even remember how the ‘trend’ came into the mainstream but like most things, they’re ruined. I still have so much love for them and it’s something I’ve grown up wearing, but to the demise of other people, I’m the one who gets looked at like a dickhead if I wear them.

I spent a hefty amount on a pair of Puma x FENTY slides (Rihanna’s collaboration) but I’m really into this new wooden pair by adidas. It’s given them a Japanese, high-fashion feel.

It’s the signature adilette, that you can buy from anywhere for £15. Only the wooden version will set you back $120. If you’re keen, here’s the link for you.


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