Playboy x Supreme Capsule Collection

Supreme/Playboy heavyweight hoodie
Supreme/Playboy heavyweight hoodie

Bizarre for a little girl to be extremely interested in Playboy, right? Well, taking away the nude elements (I was a horny child), I grew up with an infatuation of Playboy and Hugh Hefner. I completely fell in love with the Playboy branding and the actual magazine (if you don’t read the news, Playboy have recently announced they will no longer post naked photos of women as they believe it takes away from the content – brave and powerful choice).

Now, throw in the fact that I clearly love street wear and haven’t made it a secret that when brands create pieces with that ‘all-over-print-logo’ look, I love it.

So OBVIOUSLY when Playboy and Supreme linked up again for an autumn/winter 2015 capsule collection, featuring nothing but all-over-print-logo, I had my bank card ready.

The collection includes a hooded puffy leather jacket with a faux fur trim, a heavyweight cotton hoodie and matching sweatpants:


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